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Blue Bag Floating Bar

Blue Bag floating bar merges seamlessly with surrounding terrain

HomeAfloat, international floating structure developer, has created a mesmerizing floating bar dubbed Blue Bag in Barcelona. The floating bar is zero-energy, durable and light-weight building on water. The design of this exquisite structure is built firmly to ensure comfort of the people, without letting them feel that they are floating on water. Moreover, the open circular terrace area is also increased to let the visitors enjoy surrounding views.

The building is constructed from inflammable material along with good thermal and sound insulator properties, due to materials like CFC cellular concrete- partially made of industrial waste products. It is a two-storey building consisting of huge glass walls for maximum outside views and daylight. The lower level includes different sections for bar, terrace, kitchen, changing room, storage, administration and sleeping area with 4 bedrooms.

On the other hand, the upper level is accessed through a winding staircase. This entire upper floor consists of an open terrace with yacht-like sitting area for relaxing while enjoying magnificent terrain views. It offers a complete city-like feel, whilst floating on water. The Blue Bag floating bar is an incredible floating bar structure we’ve seen so far.

Blue Bag Floating Bar

It provides a complete city-like experience on water

Blue Bag Floating Bar

The circular terrace is extended to enjoy close view of natural surroundings

Blue Bag Floating Bar

It is a two-storey building with maximum facilities for visitors

Blue Bag Floating Bar

Huge glass walls offer maximum daylight and outside views

Blue Bag Floating Bar

The bar beautifully merges into surrounding terrain

Blue Bag Floating Bar

Design of the Blue Bag floating bar

Source: HomeAfloat

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