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BioLite Base Lantern

BioLite BaseLantern: World’s first connected flat-pack lantern

Brooklyn-based social enterprise BioLite Energy has created BaseLantern, a connected lighting solution that utilizes off-grid energy in outdoors. Touted as world’s first flat-pack lantern, this Bluetooth-enabled lantern doubles also as a portable charging solution during camping trips. Boasting a minimal and compact design, it is no bigger than a sandwich box and can easily gear as well as light up space efficiently.

The smart lantern comes with a 7800mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that gives it enough power to charge your smartphones and other accessories. It measures 5.1 x 5 x 1.7-inches and is available in two different battery capacities, 7,800mAh model and 12,000mAh model. Both are designed to deliver brightness of 500 Lumens with a burning time of 54 hours and 114 hours, respectively.

The dedicated app gives you the power to control the lantern via your smartphone. So, from controlling light color to brightness, one can also set timers, monitor battery level and set proximity activation. Providing real-time analytics and feedback on the battery life, the mobile app lets you decide the usage according to length of the trip.

Giving you a chance to create your own light show without wasting natural energy and resources, BaseLantern is currently seeking funds at crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and has already raised six times its funding goal. The manufacturer is planning to ship it all over the world by October 2016.

BioLite Base Lantern

Smart off-grid lantern is world’s first flat-pack lantern

BioLite Base Lantern

The BaseLantern comes with a dedicated mobile app

BioLite Base Lantern

One can also create extended lighting using BioLite string light system

BioLite Base Lantern

Light and brightness can be controlled via mobile app

BioLite Base Lantern

Color options give you chance to set mood according to requirement

BioLite Base Lantern

Lantern comes with a built-in Li-ion battery and foldable handles to help it stand or hang from branch

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