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Pantelligent Bluetooth-enabled Frying Pan

Bluetooth-enabled frying pan takes the guesswork out of cooking

If your New Year resolution is to perfect your culinary skills, then you don’t have to work too hard on it. As Pantelligent smart pan is here to guide you while cooking and also alert you when your food is perfectly cooked. The intelligent pan boasts a central temperature gauge and a Bluetooth-enabled handle that syncs to your smartphone via companion mobile app.

The smartphone app will further offer real-time, step-by-step instructions when you are cooking. The app comes packed with recipes and provides helpful hints like when to add particular ingredient into the dish. For instance, the app will tell you when the oil is hot enough to add onions, when it’s time to flip the steak and even sends notifications to your phone when food is ready.

This way the smart frying pan will easily take the guesswork out of cooking, leading you to perfection. Furthermore, it is made from solid die-cast aluminum body that offers proper heat conduction throughout the cooking surface thus eliminates hot spots and guarantees even surface temperature. Its non-stick coating is also a plus point for cooking and cleaning processes.

Overall, the Pantelligent will help you in cooking a perfect dish without ever needing a meat thermometer, taste test or cookbook. Whether you are a professional chef or a newbie in the kitchen, this smart frying pan is the best helping hand one could ever get for ideal cooking.

Pantelligent Bluetooth-enabled Frying Pan

The app-enabled Pantelligent helps improving your cooking skills

Via: Mashable

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