Star War Steins

Ceramic Star Wars Steins are Best Way to Hold Your Beer

We always cherish drinks in our personal favorite glassware but what if you get a chance to enjoy your drinks in a stein designed and inspired by Star Wars fighters?

Yes, you heard it right! For all the geeky beer lovers, here are ceramic steins (beer mugs) shaped like your favorite Star Wars characters – Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and R2-D2. Depending upon your inclination towards the Force, choose your fighters you want to hold your beverage in.

Officially-licensed Star Wars Beer Steins merchandise is heavy-duty beer mugs that can hold 32 ounce of beer for you. The 9” tall mug weighs 2 lbs and comes with a head-hinged ceramic lid with pewter thumb fit, to let you pour your favorite beverage easily. The steins will also look great when displayed on a shelf or with your other Star Wars memorabilia.

These $34.99 Star Wars Steins can be used as a collectible or as a mug, but in both cases, it creates a win-win situation for you. So, take home your favorite and show off your geeky grandeur with these ceramic beer steins.

Star Wars Steins

Image: ThinkGeek

Star Wars Steins

Image: ThinkGeek

Star Wars Steins

Image: Amazon

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