Boida coffee table by Kunsik Choi

Boida sofa table seats your kid well within arm’s reach

Boida is a sofa table, designed by Kunsik Choi who was born in South Korea and is based in Malmo, Sweden. This unique sofa table has a crafted seating for babies on one side. This seat can be used as a baby seat, a space to keep books or any other decorative articles. Boida is oval-shaped, and is relatively lower compared to the sofa table’s top which makes it comfortable for the baby.

Toddlers like to be around their parents, so this coffee table will certainly give you an opportunity to sit and relax without worrying about your child. Since, the kid will always be in sight, safely seated on the chair.

Made from wood, its aesthetic appearance is eye soothing. The cutout section allows your child to sit very comfortable, since it’s fenced by a round section of the table top. This makes sure your baby is protected from accidental falls or toppling over while sleeping. A thick wooden log like structure at one end, along with the three other legs on the other end of the table makes this piece of furniture more stable.

Unfortunately there is not much information regarding the pricing or availability of Boida sofa table. But intuitive parents will get a good idea from the pictures to get their sofa table designed from a local carpenter.

Boida coffee table by Kunsik Cho

Your child will love it

Boida coffee table by Kunsik Choi

Seating space for your child

Boida coffee table by Kunsik Choi

Appealing look of the Boida

Top surface of the sofa table

Top surface of the sofa table

Front leg for stability

Front leg for stability

Cut-out section of the table

Cut-out section of the table

Via: Contemporist/Design-milk

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