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Book review: Better And Faster by Trendhunter’s Jeremy Gutsche

As I write review of this book named Better And Faster after recovering from two-month-long illness, I find myself filled with new ideas and energy. I have read many self-help and motivational books claiming to change your life overnight, but I was looking for something that I actually could relate to. The kind of work we are indulged in, we need free flow of ideas and creative thoughts all the time, and practically speaking, there is a real dearth of such classic pieces of books in the market/libraries capable of fueling and invigorating your entrepreneurial skills.

While reading this book, I found myself having an interpersonal interaction with Jeremy Gutsche. And, the reason behind this experience is Gutsche’s topnotch story-telling ability and gripping writing style that makes him – apart from an innovation expert – a renowned author.  He conveys to the readers in a very simple language ways to break down three top neurological traps that block successful people from realizing their full potential.

Gutsche, who spent a decade sculpting Trend Hunter – a treasure chest of ideas and inspirations for millions and millions of people out there, guides you through your way with the help of six patterns of opportunity to narrow down your focus on the idea that is ultimately fruitful for you.

So, if you are stuck at some point because you are not able to make that game-changing decision, go grab a copy of this book and follow your instinct to make your idea strike gold, Better and Faster.

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