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Bookniture by Mike Mak

Bookniture: Sleek tome folds out into multipurpose furniture

Books being used as furniture clearly depicts that you’re a bibliophile with massive collection of books, which are even utilized for other household purposes as well. But, how about a single book that can be transformed into multipurpose furniture? Well, Hong Kong-based designer Mike Mak has actually made that possible all thanks to the Bookniture– a book that unfolds to multifunctional furniture.

Bookniture is not really made from books; in fact it is constructed from collapsible paper honeycomb that is sturdy enough to hold objects more than 100 times of its own weight. For transforming it into a mirco-furniture unit, all you need to do is just unfold its strap and open the book to form a circular table. This circular table can be utilized for endless possibilities such as stool, foot rest, bed-side table, table, standing desk, table for outdoor picnics and many more.

You can even stack multiple Booknitures to form a desk or shelf, moreover two Booknitures can be combined with wooden board to form a bench. After use, it can be collapsed back into a book to be stored on bookshelf. Due to its ultra-thin shape, you can carry it in your handbag to any outdoor location to enjoy picnic with more comfort.

Currently the project is seeking funds for $50,000 on crowdfunding website Kickstarter and has successfully surpassed its target. For an bidding at an early bird price of about $60, even you can get yourself one Bookniture piece in leather black or field brown with a light gray strap. As of now, check out the video and images given below to find out more uses of the micro-furniture.

Bookniture by Mike Mak

The table can be used for reading

Bookniture by Mike Mak

It is constructed from collapsible paper honeycomb

Bookniture by Mike Mak

It can also be used as a bed-side table

Bookniture by Mike Mak

You can also use it like a simple coffee table in your living room

Bookniture by Mike Mak

You can even carry it to any outdoor location in your handbag

Bookniture by Mike Mak

After use, it can be collapsed back into a book

Source: Kickstarter

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