Boss Design reinvents boring office space with Cocoon Media Unit

Tired of boring office environment and long meetings in the same old cabin? Well, redesign your meeting space or cabinet with Cocoon Media Unit designed by Boss design, UK-based office furniture manufacturer. It is aesthetically pleasant and highly functionally single unit that envelops you within a perfect setting for collaborative tasks and team meetings.

It includes a center table and two enclosed sofa sets facing each other in an elegant blue and white minimal design. Each sofa can accommodate three persons comfortably for discussing their team projects. It also has a high back unit for upholstering a white board or a projector screen on it for presentations and better understanding.

Don’t like the enclosed setting? No problem, just remove the enveloped sofas and create an open environment by placing chairs around the center table for discussion. Not only that, the Cocoon Media Unit comes equipped with two power sockets, two charging USB points and one HDMI point for providing fully functional office environment within a small space. This customizable unit provides flexibility to the employees to rearrange office settings anytime according to needs of their current projects.

Cocoon Media Unit by Boss Design

Cocoon Media Unit can be customized into an open office environment by removing the enclosed sofa sets

Source: BossDesign

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