Boston Police Department builds lovely cat house for stray feline

For the last four years or so, someone has made it clear to the Boston Police Department’s SWAT team that their rules won’t apply on her, no matter what. It’s a very interesting story, one fine day a sweet stray kitty walked in Boston Police Department’s SWAT team’s headquarters and decided to stay. SWAT team tried every tactic in the book over the year to persuade her to leave, but she was determined to stay.

Finally, even they gave in, by that time the members of the SWAT team had fallen for her. They decided to give her a nice cat home within the campus and started calling her ‘SWAT Cat’. Everyone in the department worked hard, day and night to construct one of the finest cat house for their SWAT cat.

After working for several nights, all their hard work paid-off and the SWAT cat had a lovely new home right in front of her. The home includes roomy interior, a large deck for her to relax on and sliding glass doors.  

In Jamie Pietrodki’s words, a veteran of the Boston Police Department:

Swat Cat moved right in and looks very happy with her new custom kitty accommodations.

Boston Police Department SWAT Cat

SWAT Cat’s house under construction

Boston Police Department SWAT Cat

Boston Police Department’s SWAT Cat house

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