Boxcar planters by Joe Gibson

Boxcar Planters Made From Solid Walnut in Natural Finish

Designed by Joe Gibson for Revolution Design House, the Boxcar planters handmade modular planters exhibit simple forms and natural finish of solid walnut. These planters offer the same essence of seamless nature, making them a perfect choice for living room decor. They can be used as centerpieces that allude the wholesome quality of a room and can also be placed across window sills for accentuating in-house scope of greenery.  

There is more to the scope of Boxcar planters other than catching the eye. The main structure made from walnut wood conceals three stainless-steel inserts that help in planting the herb (or other succulents) within the shell.

In some way, the designer wants to warn users not to directly plant onto the wooden frame of the planter. The same caution goes for water accumulation on the natural wood finish and thus causing unnecessary dampness on the product.

For pricing details, please visit the Etsy shop or official website.

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