Hey Joe Coffee Mug

Brew coffee anywhere with Hey Joe Coffee Mug at the push of a button

Hey Joe Coffee Mug

You might have used mugs that regulate temperature of beverages to keep them hot or cold. But, Atlanta-based entrepreneur Jordan Warren along with his co-workers has created the Hey Joe Coffee Mug that does more than just regulating temperature of your coffee. The mug can actually brew coffee at the push of a button, thus making it a mug and a brewer all in one. It is a battery-powered mug that can be easily charged via USB and each charge can efficiently brew up to three cups of coffee depending on the amount of water used.

This coffee mug comes in a compact travel-size and is divided into two compartments separated by a tray to keep coffee pod. To brew coffee, all you need to do is add water, insert coffee pod into the tray and press button at its side. Water is added to its upper compartment where it gets heated up and drips down into the lower compartment passing through the coffee pod, making perfect coffee at desired temperature.

You can change temperature for brewing on pressing its button, at one push it brews coffee at 140 degree Fahrenheit, two pushes heats up the mug to 155 degree Fahrenheit, while three pushes serve a cold coffee. It means, the owners can enjoy their coffee as warm, hot or cold as they want anytime, anywhere without much efforts.

The project has successfully surpassed its targeted amount of $20,000 on Kickstarter. The backers of the project will get the coffee mug for $49, which is expected to ship this November. However, others can purchase the Hey Joe Coffee Mug at a price of $69 from its official website.

Via: Cnet

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