ROK Manual Espresso Maker

Brew coffee of your choice with ROK Manual Espresso Maker (no electricity required)

ROK Manual Espresso Maker

Coffee addicts are often spotted in coffee shops and Baristas, where they can grab a cup of their favorite joe. A delicious cup of coffee besides being energizing is also good for your general health. There are many reasons why coffee is greatly in demand and therefore many companies have stepped forward to create espresso machines that can create a great cup of joe right on your kitchen island. You can find a plenty of options when it comes to coffee makers but have you ever come across a vintage inspired eco-friendly manual maker? UK based Presso Ltd brings to you an attractive and functional espresso maker called as the ROK Manual Espresso Maker that can produce rich and flavorful espresso with the pressing of two levers.

This award winner efficient coffee maker is very simple to use. The 11-inch tool integrates two large and curved handles joined to a wishbone structured body made from stainless steel, a clear marked chamber for hot water and a portafilter for coffee beans. The ROK manual coffee maker requires no electricity and therefore is an eco-friendly product. Just a little pressure is needed to get that perfect coffee every time. This machine is quiet, portable and requires no additional cleaning as needed in steam or pump powered machine. This coffee maker also saves your kitchen countertops from being damaged as its base is outfitted with four rubber legs to avoid any slippery.

The complete package of this coffee maker includes a measuring scoop that doubles as a tamper, an adapter for simultaneously brewing two shots of coffee and a milk frothier that looks like a syringe and is used to form froth on the coffee. What more? This machine brews with ground coffee, so you aren’t limited to make only one type of coffee. The ROK manual espresso maker is hence a perfect device for espresso, latte or cappuccino lovers. You can buy it here for $199.

Check out the video below to see the ROK in action:


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