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Brick Modular Refrigerator

Brick modular refrigerator adjusts with your changing needs

Each family member has different tastes and preferences when it comes to food, so to preserve their divergent food choices dissimilar refrigeration conditions are required. Therefore, two refrigerators are often seen in house of a single family, leading to overcrowded kitchen space. To make it simpler for homeowners, Korean industrial designer Jangho Kim has designed the Brick modular refrigerator that can be adjusted according to individual food needs of each family member.

Just like conventional bricks, the Brick refrigeration system consists of various modules of different sizes to perform varying functions such as refrigerator, freezer and kimchi (fermented food) storage. Due to these modules, it is possible for users to comprise the fridge according to their desired preferences. Beyond refrigeration, additional functions like water purifier or microwave oven can also be combined with the system.

Instead of buying a new refrigerator, you can buy a single module if you need more space to preserve food for every individual. This space saving system is an idyllic choice for all families from small to large, for maintaining diet of each individual at specific temperature. However we’re not sure about its price and availability, but assuming that it will soon hit the market.

Credit: Behance

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