Room glows in the dark

Brigada unveils their special room that glows in the dark

Room glows in the dark

Design studio Brigada has collaborated with Croatian designers Bruketa & Žinić to create the innovative project of ‘Good ideas glow in the dark’. This fascinating project presents a whole new side of spatial ambiance in which books and stationary could glow in the dark, when a room’s lights have been turned off. Conceived for investment company Adris, the design scope entailed a completely white painted, achromatic room which contained Adris’s  annual reports on the shelves and tables. A sensor-oriented mechanism from the designers made sure that upon entering the room, the lights faded off by themselves. And, once it was dark, the reports were enchantingly exhibited by their bluish glowing fonts.

This special ‘glowing in the dark ‘ room was showcased by the Adris pavilion at the Weekend Media Festival, the largest regional festival of media industry.

Via: Brigada

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