Bring Convenience and Style to Your Home with Sobro Smart Coffee Table

Purpose of a coffee table is rather straight-forward; at its most basic level of a home, it is just a table in the center of the living room on which you can put your coffee cup, magazines, remotes, etc. Hold on! Haven’t you heard of Sobro coffee table with built-in refrigerator, Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, charging ports, touch control panel, storage drawers, and more?

Storebound, a New York-based product innovation company designed the Sobro smart coffee table, projecting it as one of the greatest innovations for the living room.

The Sobro smart coffee table is designed to match modern interiors. Its structure is built using fine quality wood and tabletop is made of thick, black-colored tempered glass that literally unbreakable. Other than the temperature-controlled fridge, there are Bluetooth-enabled speakers, USB ports, and four power outlets to charge your mobile devices. In addition, two built-in drawers in the table can be used to store magazines, remotes and anything else that fits in.

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You can control the features of the smart table from the touchscreen panel positioned on the top of the table. There’s a color-changing LED lighting panel underneath the table, that can help transform a movie night into a rave party. The speakers lie on each side of the table while charging ports are on the right side. You just need to plug it to a power outlet and it will connect to your phone, TV, and laptop, and playing your favorite music.

People are showing interest in the Sobro smart coffee table, as it has already doubled its crowd-funding goal of $50,000 USD on Indiegogo. You can get Sobro for a minimum pledge of $649, and it will be shipped to your doorstep by September 2017.

Update 23 February 2018: You can now purchase the Sobro smart coffee table from its official website. Starting at about $1,500, it is available in three different color versions. You can also purchase it from Amazon for $1,299.

Sobro smart coffee table matches modern interiors 

Connect your TV with Sobro speakers 

Store your drinks in a temperature-controlled drawer

Black-colored tempered glass table top

Charging ports on the right side 


Storebound’s Sobro smart coffee table for modern interiors


  1. Renee Brayboy

    January 15, 2021 at 5:05 pm

    How do you order this coffee table I really Like it and order it from a company and never received it


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