British Horticulturist Bee House

British horticulturist bee house attracts non-swarming bees

Agriculturists recognized worth of pollination ages ago. To boost productivity of your garden, bee house is the best and most practice approach. Moreover, to encourage bees, especially solitary bees, into your garden the British Horticulture Bee House is an ideal option.

Recommended by the Britain’s Royal Horticultural Society, the low-maintenance house is designed to attract solitary bees – important pollinators that are either sting-less or very unlikely to sting. Designed to attract non-swarming bees, the house comes with fully opening trays for egg cell inspection.

Weather resistant Forest Stewardship Council Cedar wood makes it anti-mold and rot. The apiary has two dozen slim tunnels that allow species like Red mason and Leafcutter bees to lay individual larvae inside the hives.

The bee house that measures 200 x 200 x 200 mm and weighs 2 lbs is screwed with wing nuts under the base from the integral fixed steel bolts that can be easily removed from the tray. Priced at $39.95, it is advised to place the house five feet above the ground facing east. All you need is mount it on the wall or onto a post, and watch solitary bees fertilizing your garden.

British Horticulturist Bee House

The beehive is made from cedar wood

British Horticulturist Bee House_1

The bee house is recommended by the Britain’s Royal Horticultural Society

British Horticulturist Bee House_1

The low-maintenance beehive attracts solitary bees that are essential for pollinating flowers

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