Pac Seat

Bruno Marques’s Pac Seat emulates the simplistic appeal of the original game icon

Pac Seat

To understand the sheer impact of Pac-Man among veteran video gamers is no easy task, especially for the later 90’s kids. This 80’s icon and arguably the best game from that decade is rightly held in high esteem throughout the gaming community. But now Pac-Man has gone beyond the thrills of vicious path finding and fun ghost ‘gobbling’ to be reborn in his furniture avatar. Crafted by Bruno Marques, the results are in front of us to see. Defined by the icon’s characteristic simple lines, and complemented by even simpler color schemes, it holds true to all of the unpretentious virtues of the original Pac-Man.

The intention of the design is to pose as much as an element of home decor as a practical piece of chair. And, in this regard, the Pac Seat certainly succeeds with a pleasant flair. There is not much to write about the more ‘evolved’ design considerations of this vibrant chair. However, the conception does make up for it by wholeheartedly appealing to your appetite for a trip down the video game memory lane.

Via: Technabob

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