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Bruno Smart Trashcan

Bruno smart trashcan eliminates the need of dust pans

Sweeping with broom and dust pan really cannot clean the floor properly- as some inevitably remains of dust and debris remain on the floor, no matter how carefully you try to remove it. If you dislike the bending down every time while sweeping with ineffective dustpan, then you’ll surely love the latest Bruno smart trashcan that automatically sucks all debris near it.

This smart waste-bin comes with built-in vacuum system that’s incorporated at its bottom. The vacuum integrated garbage bin allows you to simply sweep dust crumbs, pet hair and other debris towards the dustbin. As the dirt chunks are swept right up to the can, all of the waste materials get removed due to suction and finally deposit into the collection bag.

It runs on a battery system continuously for about 30 days and can be recharged when needed. Besides all these hi-end features, it also features a built-in filter, a hands-free lid and Wi-Fi for one-tap ordering of garbage bags through smartphones, when you’re running low.

Furthermore, the smart device can automatically remind you to empty the bag when trash day arrives. So you don’t have to bear much hassle while cleaning and eliminating waste from your home. Bruno smart trashcan has successfully surpassed the initial target of about $50,000 on Kickstarter. You can pre-order it now for $159 asking price, after the early bird bid its price will go up to $229.

Bruno Smart Trashcan

Bruno smart trashcan automatically sucks all debris swept towards it

Bruno Smart Trashcan

This smart can comes with built-in vacuum system incorporated at its bottom

Bruno Smart Trashcan

It is available in various colors

Via: OhGizmo

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