DIY hanging treehouse

Build your own DIY hanging treehouse with no floor support

Building a whimsical treehouse for little ones to play is a fun way to keep them occupied. But why build a treehouse in an old way, when you can give it a fun twist? Here is a DIY tutorial for hanging treehouse that uses no floor support, instead, it has been suspended in mid-air using ropes.

For kids who like running around outside and enjoying the beauty of nature, this hanging tree pod is designed to let them feel free and adventurous at the same time. The given tutorial demonstrates how you can make this extremely detailed design with a few cutting boards, tree branches, tools and vibrant paints for appealing aesthetic.

For building this hanging treehouse you need to follow the given steps:

1. Draw the front wall

DIY hanging treehouse

For making the front wall, one sheet of plywood has been used. The walls are oval shaped and to make the perfect shape, lamp Pex tubing along the edges were used for tracing the curved shape at a corner.

2. Cut round corners

DIY hanging treehouse

Cut the traced round corners using a jigsaw. You can save the scrap piece to use as a template for the other corners. Trace the template and also cut the other three corners of the plywood.

3. Draw the door

DIY hanging treehouse

Next step is to draw the door of this hanging treehouse. To make the round door, you need to drill a hole about 13-inch from the end of the tube then slide a pencil into the hole. Attach the other end of the tubing to the plywood with a screw. Spin the tube to draw a circle about 26-inch in diameter and cut it.

4. Cut portholes

DIY hanging treehouse

Using a drill, you can make starter hole on the inside of the porthole cut line. Fit the jigsaw blade into the drilled hole to cut within the line for a smooth circle.

5. Draw and cut back walls

DIY hanging treehouse

Now it’s time to take another plywood sheet to draw and cut pieces for back walls. To make both walls identical in size, trace around the front wall and further use jigsaw for cutting.

6. A peephole in the back wall

DIY hanging treehouse

Make a peephole in the back hole using a drill. Furthermore, add jigsaw blade into the drilled hole and slowly cut along the drawn line for a precise rectangle.

7. Paint the exterior

DIY hanging treehouse

Paint the exterior of the walls with vibrant colors for aesthetic appeal.

8. Build the deck frame

DIY hanging treehouse

Once all the walls are cut, it’s time to build deck frame. And attach the cedar decking panels along with the frame. For air flow, the space in between the deck panels is required. The boards at each end are fastened with galvanized nails.

9. Attach walls to decking

DIY hanging treehouse

Now attach both front and back wall to the decking using a nail gun. Use ring-shank nails and leave roughly six inches in between each nail.

10. Attach the curving backrest

DIY hanging treehouse

Now backrest walls are created to the sides of the treehouse. For that, you need to fasten, each 2×6 panel through the front and back walls with nails.

11. Fix roof beams

DIY hanging treehouse

Now it’s time to fix the roof beams for a secure roofing that can withstand any weather condition.

12. Fasten roofing to beams

DIY hanging treehouse

Cut the transparent polycarbonate roofing and hang it two inches over the walls’ edges. After that overlap each sheet of roofing to properly keep rain out.

13. Add a step

DIY hanging treehouse

You may use a scrap plywood to make a step for entering inside the treehouse. The step has to be placed beneath the front door. After that, suspend the treepod mid-air using ropes, which are tied firmly on tree branches.

14. Furnish

DIY hanging treehouse

Finally, furnish the inner area with comfy cushions and other accessories that you’d like to see inside your hanging treehouse.

Source: DIYNetwork

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