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Building your own house: Five things that can’t be forgotten

There is no doubt about the fact that house prices have skyrocketed in the recent years. It is one of the reasons buying a house might not be a good deal for a person with an average earning. One way to get rid of the expenses of purchasing a home is to buy a land and build it. With careful planning, it can be significantly cheaper than purchasing a home. However, if you choose to take this route, you should be aware of things that are often overlooked when constructing your dream house.

Checking the land

The first thing you need to do is to have your plot surveyed. In fact, it would be a good idea to speak to a specialist about 3D laser mapping, and soil topography before starting the construction. This will ensure you your exact boundaries, whether, or if any utilities ran under your land; or any other climate issues, which might affect your construction. Not following these key points can add thousands to your final bill, and eventually land you in an broke situation.

Adding outside facilities

We often forget that the exterior of the house is as important as the interior. The need for architectural features and electric fittings for outdoors is imperative for a smooth living. Consider using the outside space as well. Be it a patio, balcony, garden, or a garage; everything works as long as you have a defined plan to use the outdoor space well. An outside kitchen is a good idea to begin with,  but you need a plan for it, and figure out where the electrical sockets and taps would be located. Of course, electrical sockets must be approved for outside use, and they should be water-resistant.

Be ready to shed a little more!

In a perfect world, Yes! You might be able to complete the house on time and within budget. But this rarely happens in reality. The price of materials can fluctuate, specific jobs can take longer, and various other complications. Even if you are hoping to do most of the work by yourself,  there will be issues where you’d be needing professional help, and so on. It is best to build your home with 70 – 80% of your available budget; this will give you a cushion to help with the unexpected expenditures.

Consider your furniture

You might be bringing the furniture with you,  or planning to purchase a new one,  either way, it is a good option. However, if you’re planning to construct your rooms with built-in furniture, then you need to make sure there’s enough room to squeeze in the furniture you’d be bringing along with you. An oversize couch can be extremely difficult to get through a regular sized doorway, especially if your living room is upstairs, and you have a small spiral staircase.


Finally, the days of simply wiring the cables in a few sockets are long gone. You need to think about the latest development in technology. USB sockets, whole house vacuums, and smart technology can be integrated into your new home. All you need to do is consider it when you are making the plans; this will ensure a seamless procedure and not an expensive afterthought.

Perhaps, the most important piece of advice is to remember that your home is a personal space, nothing is wrong as long as you have thought through all the options.

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