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Bushel Basket Pendant Lamp

Bushel basket pendant lamp adds rustic tinge into any interior

You may have used wooden bushel baskets for storing fruits and vegetables until now. But these bushel baskets are now presented with a twist in form of unusual pendant lighting fixture for decorating your home. The bushel basket pendant lamp adds rustic tinge to any living space with a hint of splashy color.

It is made from reclaimed wooden bushel basket that is color-washed into flamboyant piece of decor. The pendant light has a firm metal chain to elegantly support and hang the lamp through ceiling. Inside the wooden lampshade houses three candle base sockets holding light sources, which look absolutely stunning when lit up.

The wooden pendant lamp comes in three sizes and colors- small white-washed lamp (9 x 11-inches), medium blue-colored lamp (10 x 14-inches) and large green-colored lamp (11×16-inches). Depending on the size, you can purchase any rustic lighting fixture online for $189 (small), $199 (medium) and $229 (large).

Bushel Basket Pendant Lamp

The color-washed lampshade of the wooden pendant lamp adds lively color to any interior

Credit: RecyclArt

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