Reasons You need a Memory Foam Mattress

10 Reasons You Need to Buy a Memory Foam Mattress

Over the past few years, the popularity of memory foam mattresses is rising. This is because these new-age mattresses have proven to have many advantages over the traditional spring mattresses. Moreover, the memory foam mattresses are far more comfortable and have several health benefits for the user.

In this articles we’ll be highlighting the ten benefits of bringing memory foam mattresses to your life:

1. Personalized Comfort

If you constantly toss and turn while sleeping and your partner’s sleep is often disturbed because of that, you immediately need a memory foam mattress. Unlike spring mattresses, the memory foam mattress offers personalized comfort – as it’s able to cradle an individual body by instantly bouncing back to its shape. This helps everyone to achieve a personalized comfort without worrying about the formation of permanent dips or bumps on the mattress.

Reasons You need a Memory Foam Mattress

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2. Perfect Fit for Adjustable Beds

Just like these personalized mattresses, adjustable beds are also growing in popularity over the past few years. To meet the flexible nature of these adjustable beds, memory foam mattresses are their most compatible partners. This is because memory foam readily flexes with the adjustable base and contours to the base’s different positions without compromising durability.

The nature of memory foam means that sleepers are supported and pressure points relieved whether the bed is angled or flat. Other types of beds, like the ones with inner springs, are less flexible, and support and comfort can be compromised in different positions. But it’s not the case with adjustable beds and memory foam mattresses.

Reasons You need a Memory Foam Mattress

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3. Better Back Support

Memory foam mattresses provide immense comfort and support to each part of your body. This is because these mattresses are able to evenly spread your weight across its soft surface. Sometimes, when lying on other materials like springs, the body weight is concentrated on areas contacting the mattress. Usually, the shoulders, hips, and heels are in the points which suffer here. For those who like to sleep on their back and side, this sometimes means that the lumbar zone is not supported enough. This can lead to lower back pain and tension arising in muscles.

Sleeping in such a displacement can result in the body sleeping in an unnatural position which in turn creates more tension and pain for both the neck and legs. But memory foam mattress contours to your body’s natural curves while supporting the lower back and allowing the spine to remain in a neutral position.

Reasons You need a Memory Foam Mattress

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4. Prevents & Relieves Pain

Memory foam mattresses come with a special combination of support and pressure point relief, which make them great for relieving any current body pain and also prevent the possibility of body ache. Most memory foam mattress owners have reported reduced pain in their backs as well as shoulders after purchasing one.

For individuals who suffer from things like arthritis, for example, memory foam mattresses can be godsend invention. This is because they support the correct alignment by contouring the body and not placing any added pressure on sensitive areas of the body, allowing sleepers to enjoy complete optimal comfort. Reduced pain can allow a better night’s sleep.

Reasons You need a Memory Foam Mattress

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5. Better Airflow and Cooler Surface

Gel memory foam mattresses are infused with small gel beads during the manufacturing process. These gel beads help in reducing the significant amount of heat around them. This further helps in forming a cool-to-the-touch surface that provides better temperature control and can help prevent overheating, allowing you to stay asleep longer.

Reasons You need a Memory Foam Mattress

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6. Hypoallergenic

If you suffer from allergies, then a memory foam mattress provides yet another benefit for you. The foam design helps limit specific allergens such as mold and pet hair from getting into the mattress.

Materials used to make these mattresses are mostly hypoallergenic, which make it perfect for those who are allergic to feathers, wool or other types of fibers. Some of the more high-quality designed mattresses are also waterproof and dust-mite proof.

Reasons You need a Memory Foam Mattress

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7. Improves Metabolism

The gel-based cushioned surface makes it comfortable for different users to experience the same amount of comfort when lying on a memory foam mattress. The foam isolates all your motion, hence, allows you and your partner to have an uninterrupted sleep. Proper sleeping pattern positively impacts your metabolism, which may, in turn, help you lose weight, deal with daily stress and improve your overall health.

Reasons You need a Memory Foam Mattress

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8. Improves Mental Health

As memory foam mattress helps in forming a perfect balance between layers of support and a cloudlike top surface, it’ll be easier to fall asleep and the quality of sleep will greatly be improved. With solid sleep, you’ll feel rejuvenated, chronic fatigue will be eased and you’ll be in a better mood.

Reasons You need a Memory Foam Mattress

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9. Easy Maintenance

When it comes to looking after a memory foam mattress, it’s a whole lot easier than looking after a spring mattress. They are low-maintenance in terms of upkeep. They can be cleaned by giving them the occasional vacuum and rotation a few times per year and that will be enough.

Reasons You need a Memory Foam Mattress

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10. Durability

If you want to invest in something that will last, then a memory foam mattress is something that you will like. Memory foam mattress can offer more benefits by lasting for a good 7-10 years! Meaning, you won’t have to replace your mattress for a long time. The more common spring mattress instead last for around 5-6 years only.

Reasons You need a Memory Foam Mattress

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We hope this article will help you make a wise choice while selecting your next mattress.

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