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C2Sense’s artificial nose smells your food to avoid rotten produce

While buying perishable food items, sometimes we lose track of when edible stuffs are going to go bad. This is because every time our sense of smell cannot detect that the food is rotten or not. To solve the problem, startup C­2Sense has invented a tiny sensor or artificial nose, which can accurately sniff out whether your food is on the verge of spoiling.

Do you know that perishable foods release ethylene gas when they begin to ripen or simply rot? Well, the same contagious gas has a domino effect on other fresh food items as well. Due to this, other fresh fruits and vegetables also start turning bad. Such decaying edible materials slowly start causing certain health issues.

But the latest C2Sense technology is able to detect even slightest traces of ethylene that human nose cannot catch. This device is designed to be used by fruit and vegetable wholesalers, who could monitor various food items and ensure that customers receive absolutely fresh product. Moreover, the technology can also be used in restaurants to tell which food is going bad sooner, enabling them to either use the food in their next dish or move the food away from other products.

The company is aiming to make these chips cheap enough to be integrated into product packaging or implemented into grocery bags. So, these bags would alert the users if they are carrying rotting groceries at the time of checkout. Besides that, these sensor chips could also be equipped into Internet-of-Things devices like smart refrigerators. It’s a great way to help consumers have fresh and healthy food without any decomposing.

C2Sense’s artificial nose smells your food to avoid rotten produce

The sensor can detect even the slightest traces of ethylene gas

C2Sense’s artificial nose smells your food to avoid rotten produce

Tiny sensor to detect rotting food

Via: Wired

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