Cactus Macron by Ayako Kurokawa

Cactus Macaron: French delicacy gets a playful makeover by Ayako Kurokawa

We have seen food being transformed into work of art that not only looks yummy but also delicious to eat. Following the same path to bring in more oddity and creativity, New York-based patissier and food stylist Ayako Kurokawa has re-imagined French sweet meringue-based confection into Cactus Macaron.

A confectionery that perfectly blends dessert and art in one, the cactus macaron resembles the dessert plant. Cooked in a way to look like a succulent plant growing out of a flower pot, the macaron can surely deceive anyone at first glance. Taking cue from her restaurant experience and everyday life in Brooklyn, the cookies and pastries are usually based on classic French recipes, which she had while growing up there.

Running her own pastry shop under the name Patisserie Burrow, Kurokawa’s awe-inspiring grand cookies are a work of art in itself. From carved cookies to fancy pastry, Kurokawa work is a great hit on photo-sharing websites. To keep you glued to the screen, here are some more visually pleasing food art from Ayako Kurokawa.

Winter-Inspired Cookies
Macron & Cookies by Ayako Kurokawa

Skyscraper Cookies
Macron & Cookies by Ayako Kurokawa

Black Swan
Macron & Cookies by Ayako Kurokawa

Candle-shaped Birthday Cookie
Macron & Cookies by Ayako Kurokawa

Apple and Caramel Mousse
Macron & Cookies by Ayako Kurokawa

Caramel Mousse in Costume of Custard Pudding Jar
Macron & Cookies by Ayako Kurokawa


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