Calla – Indoor garden that keeps your potted herbs healthy

Fresh herbs give cuisine a fresh touch, but every time running to the mart for fresh herbs is next to impossible. Maintaining a potted herb is one heck of a task, as after few days they all end up in the bin. But not anymore, as Belgium-based startup 4Senses specialized in urban farming has designed a revolutionary planter that allow users to keep their potted herbs fresh.

Dubbed as Calla, the indoor garden is designed to keep store-bought potted herbs healthy all year round. The system designed to take care of your plant by providing them the appropriate amount of water and lighting with specific organic nutrient. A product that works well for urban farming, Calla accepts all type of store bought herbs.

Welcoming different flowers and houseplants, the fully automated house garden is equipped with LED lamp that provides light for the plant cycle and adapt as per the brightness of the room. Supplied with a nutrient stick, one can easily provide additional nutrients to plants, ensuring their healthy growth.

Designed to correspond perfectly with any interior, 4Senses is currently on Kickstarter and has successfully raised €63,690 (approx. $70,492). Available for pre-order, it is expected to be shipped by July 2016.

Calla by 4Senses

An indoor garden to keep your potted herbs fresh

Calla by 4Senses

Different herbs and plants that can be placed in Calla

Calla by 4Senses

Calla is developed around the latest concept of urban farming

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