Catty Man Camera Cat Scratch Box

Camera Cat Scratch Box brings out your kitty’s inner shutterbug

If you have a cute munchkin at home, then you must be aware that felines love to explore new places and pathways. But it’s time to bring something different to your adorable cat. You can now capture the magic of your cat on film with its all-new Catty Man Camera Cat Scratch Box cat bed-cum-cat scratcher.

Designed by Japanese pet furniture company, this unique cat scratcher comes in shape of a retro camera, allowing your kitty to explore its inner shutterbug. The camera-shaped cat condo features a hole in its three-dimensional lens for your cat to peep outside, allowing your munchkin to see the world through lens.

Being made of cardboard, the camera box cat bed is very lightweight, so that you can easily move it around the home. Measuring just 17 x 17 x 12-inches, the camera-styled scratcher can be placed at any corner of your bedroom or living room. Just like other cat scratcher, the interior of this unusual cat abode is also lined with a scratch pad, keeping your kitty’s claws trimmed and ready for a perfect click. Moreover, it satisfies your cats’ all chilling out needs such as scratching, napping and climbing all over. Whether nap time or play time, this cool condo is sure to make your kitty a happy one.

Although it is not really a functional camera but hey it surely appears super cool. Not only your cat will be happy to play around it, but it will also add some retro touch to interior of your living space. You can purchase it online from Japan Trend Shop for just $20. With this chic cat scratcher, you can virtually keep lights, camera and flash on your camera-loving grimalkin.

Catty Man Camera Cat Scratch Box

Camera-styled cat scratcher is made from cardboard

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