Camp Daybed by Stephanie Hornig is bed in a sofa for everyone

It’s not easy to make room for bulky furniture in a small apartment where space comes for a premium. A reason, the concept of movable furniture by Austrian designer Stephanie Hornig worth applauding, the movable solution as she refers to her Camp Daybed – furniture unit part of her collection CAMP – is a daybed – a sleeping bag with legs. Shaped like a sofa with six legs, the Camp daybed is perfect for any small apartment or for the modern nomads, with an evasive knack for camping and hiking.

Made from cheap, lightweight and robust frame with a padded cover, similar to a sleeping bag on top, the Camp Daybed is a small tent for your home with pockets on the outside to store petty items. The multifunctional sofa can be used for seating during the day and at night as a bed to sleep comfortably inside its padded seating cover. The Camp Daybed sofa doesn’t require a particularly fixed location and thus can be installed anywhere in the house.

Via: TheMag

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