lifting sink

You can adjust Lifting Sink’s size to three different capacities

Usually, kitchen sinks come in a standard size, which somehow leads to excess water consumption. To combat the problem, three-layered Lifting Sink has been introduced. This sink can be adjusted to three different capacities while reducing water consumption.

Contrived by Japanese designers Chengyong Li, Lei Yang, Sian Lin and Peishan He, this sink contains three nesting metal layers. By adjusting these metal layers, you can change the depth of the sink in order to use as much space as you require for cleaning certain utensils.

There are three buttons on the sink to help you select small, medium or large sink size as per your current requirement. When only small items need to be cleaned, just select the small size or when you have larger pots or many items, go for the larger sink size.

Besides being able to make the sink as big or small as you require, you can save water in the process when it comes to using it for small tasks. The Lifting Sink offers you an innovative yet simple way to change the size of your kitchen sink without any hassle. Meanwhile, it also contributes a bit to the environment by limiting the loss of water.

lifting sink

Three-layered sink adjusts to three different sizes

lifting sink

Due to its customizing ability it reduces water consumption

Via: YankoDesign

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