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Cape Town's Most Exotic Villa

Cape Town’s exotic villa amidst dramatic landscape on sale for £12 million

Cape Town's Most Exotic Villa

This incredibly beautiful villa situated in middle of a dramatic landscape in Cape Town looks like a fantasy home. It is built over a 1,624-square meter land facing the mesmerizing view of the Atlantic Ocean. This villa is the splendid creation of designer duo Greg Truen and Stefan Antoni from the architectural firm SAOTA. Contemporary interiors of the house combined with 270 degree views of Atlantic Ocean from inside, truly compliments the surrounding natural environment to the core.

Internally, the luxury home is very spacious including a triple volume gallery within main living area, two bed rooms, a lounge area, a terrace and a bathroom. The triple volume gallery space is the highlighting feature of the house, making it a space savvy architecture. Windows are kept large like walls so that every room of the villa receives a touch of natural beauty from all around the natural landscape.

Even bedroom and bathroom of the house receives plenty of panoramic views of the landscape. On top floor, a terrace cozy spot with lounge chairs is created to relax and enjoy the sun. Shades of the interior are kept light so that it blends perfectly with the surrounding environment.

Externally, this luxury villa looks like a glass house offering a clear inside view of the house. Besides natural greenery, a small garden, which is cleverly designed by the architects to protect it from the areas infamous wind. The garden includes comfortable couches and a dining area just outside the main living area to relax and enjoy meals in the peaceful surroundings.

All the luxurious facilities along with the breathtaking views definitely make this property worth million dollars. The Cape Town’s most exotic villa could be yours for £12 million (approx. US $20 million), around same amount as of London townhouse.

Via: DailyMail

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