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Movie Lamp by Staygreen

Cardboard floor lamp inspired from golden age of silver screen

Looking for something simple yet attractive to spruce up your interior? Well, this stunning cardboard floor lamp by Staygreen is perfectly suitable to enhance decor and lighting of any contemporary living space. Its tripod-like design is inspired by lighting fixtures from golden age of Hollywood, thus aptly named the Movie Lamp.

Its circular head elegantly rests on three legs, recalling golden era of silver screen and providing perfect direct light to any specific direction. The lamp is made from double corrugated craft paper sheets that are beautifully covered in matt PMMA. Lighting source of the lamp comes with a brightness controller that allows you to set perfect atmosphere anywhere you desire.

Apart from being an elegant lighting fixture, the lamp is also eco-friendly as it is crafted from cardboard material that has no negative impact on natural surroundings. However due to this fragile material, it cannot be used to light up outdoor areas. With its minimalist yet stylish design, the floor lamp is idyllic to embellish decor of both residential and commercial spaces.

Credit: Archiproducts

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