CARE by Uwe Fleckenstein is one freakin’ bed that keeps itself scratch-free

You must have seen and taken home some really fascinating and exciting beds, but I assure you wouldn’t have seen anything like the CARE bed by Uwe Fleckenstein before. The bed may be an artistic genius for most out there but for me it’s sheer waste of time and effort. Yes, as the designer believes, the wooden shell around the bed would make it scratch resistant and extraordinary addition in the bedroom, but I can’t come to terms with the thought as to who would want all that casing around the bed – it’ll just make the peaceful moments in bed so much suffocating. The designer, to make things exciting has integrated ambient lights within the specially designed roof-like structure over the bed. The lights will create a fascinating play of glow and shadow on the bed – the only thing, I think, will get an affirmative nod from me.

Via: LuxusRausch

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