Carpet Upholstered Stool by Alexandros Kotoulas

Carpet Upholstered Stool by Alexandros Kotoulas

Carpets are an expensive and important part of home decor but can pose health risks as they can hold a large amount of dirt, hair, and other harmful elements that are circulated in the air. Considering these factors, it is invariably pointless to incorporate carpet into furniture. But Alexandros Kotoulas of Alexquisite doesn’t think so. This carpet upholstered stool by the Greek designer proves that logic and common can sometimes take a back seat. After working with famous brands like Louis Vuitton, he now works independently and is focusing on creating minimalist yet utilitarian products.  

Looking like a square box, this plush stool makes use of carpet to relax foot. The design approach is conventional except the footrest that’s furnished in soft carpet. The staircase-inspired design lets you rest your legs over the upholstered section. You can even use some other chair and comfortably lay your legs on the velvety interiors of the stool.  

Normally when we sit on a stool, we rest our legs on the base or floor but this stool design allows you to fold your legs and comfortably rest them on upholstery. This upholstered stool is designed for people wanting a seat that lets them enjoy the softness of carpet under their bare feet.

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The idea of upholstering furniture with carpet is surely impressive but doesn’t look good in terms of hygiene.

Carpet Upholstered Stool by Alexandros Kotoulas

Image: Alexandros Kotoulas

Carpet Upholstered Stool by Alexandros Kotoulas

Image: Alexandros Kotoulas

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