Pumpkin Disco Ball for Halloween

Carve Disco Ball Out of a Pumpkin for Halloween Party Fun

Finally the day of Halloween for which we all have been eagerly waiting for has arrived with extremely warm spirit. Hope your adorable abode is all set for tonight to welcome all ghostly and goblin figures with open arms. Still feeling something is missing in your Halloween décor?

Don’t stress, just light up your haunted party with a striking pumpkin disco ball. This jack-o-lantern is not only easy to make but will also act as a cool centerpiece in your house to impress all your friends.

To etch this attractive pumpkin disco ball, things you require are a screwdriver, thick string and a flashlight. Once you have them, follow the steps listed below to build an illuminating disco ball to rock the party.

Hollow out pumpkin:

Pumpkin Disco Ball for Halloween

First of all, take one round pumpkin and cut out its head portion. To evenly cut the top section, draw a circular line on its head with a marker. After that, make the pumpkin hollow by removing its pulp and seeds.

Drill holes all over the pumpkin:

Pumpkin Disco Ball for Halloween

Now take a screwdriver for drilling holes all around the pumpkin, you need to deeply pierce every hole into the pumpkin so that it becomes a perfect object to scatter astonishing ambiance of light all over.

Hang it up with a string:

Pumpkin Disco Ball for Halloween

Take a thick string and attach it on top of the pumpkin for hanging from a ceiling. Cut strings appropriately so that the pumpkin doesn’t hang too high or low from your ceiling. Now, place a flickering LED light source inside the pumpkin to make it glow at night, exactly like a disco ball.

Pumpkin Disco Ball for Halloween

This striking object is easy to make and will surely make your Halloween party more happening. You can add this pumpkin disco ball to the dance area to brighten up the dance floor for your friends draped in scary costumes.

You can also watch the video given below for more detailed instructions:

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