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No Wi-Fi or Voice Control yet Casper Glow Lamp is What the Doctor Ordered

We blame our long work schedules and stressful lifestyles for faulty sleep pattern, although, it’s our high dependence on technology that is the major culprit. To help us negate dependence on voice controlled sleep-enhancing lights, smart alarm clocks and sleep monitoring devices; renowned pillow and mattress maker Casper has unveiled the Glow Lamp – a light that takes us back in time, reminding us that going to sleep is as easy as fading the light out, good night!

What’s this new Glow in your bedroom?

Unlike the new age smart lamps with internet connectivity and ability to take voice commands, the Glow projects soft, warm light, which dims over time to help you fall asleep naturally.

Casper dubs the Glow as a ‘magical lamp for better, deep sleep.’ It helps one wind down and relax with a warm glow that steadily fades out to put one to sleep softly without interruptions. Where we really fell for the Glow Lamp is its ability to brighten up like sunrise in the room some 30 minutes before wake up time.

What’s in the guts?

Made from diffused polycarbonate, the Glow Lamp comes fitted with 36x warm white LEDs along with 12x accent LEDs in amber for different brightness levels and color variance. Sitting ideally on the table, it looks like any other Bluetooth speaker, but when twisted, it offers a different ambience altogether.

There are no switches or buttons onboard. Just turn the Glow to switch on the dim light. It has a gyroscope built-in, which lets you shake it gently to trigger on the soft night light.  

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The Glow Lamp connects with the dedicated Casper Glow Sleep app, which enables you to schedule time for it to softly glow and wake you up comfortably and, importantly, alarm-free every morning. The app can be used to sync and manage a group of Glow lights together to create light magic at home.

The lamp also has light sensor embedded, which allow the Glow to sense the light in the room and glow just as much required to show you the way in the night without disturbing your partner. When you wake in the middle of the night to go to the washroom or maybe to soothe your crying child, simply shake the Glow and it’ll emit just the right glow to show you the way.

How the Glow light is priced?

Available for preorder at £89 (approximately $115), the Glow lamp will connect to your smartphone to allow scheduling, it’ll glow at different light intensities and that is pretty much what it’ll do. The Glow will not connect to Wi-Fi or broadcast your sleep data to the phone, sorry.    

Casper Glow Light Lamp

Image: Casper

Casper Glow Light

Image: Casper

Casper Glow Lamp

Image: Casper

Casper Glow Light Lamp

Image: Casper


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