Cassette Tape Coffee Table

Cassette Tape coffee table brings back the times of 80’s

We live in a digital era where everyone has completely forgotten about old cassette tapes. Although advanced capabilities of USB drives and CDs are dominating the technology industry, but the nostalgic look of classic cassette tapes seems to never go out of style. Bringing back the times of 80’s, this amazing Cassette Tape Coffee Table is designed for reminiscing homeowners about the days of vintage tapes all over again.

Tabletop is made entirely from pinewood, whereas four hair pin-shaped metal legs form a sturdy base. It looks just like a giant cassette tape, but sadly doesn’t play any music for you. Moreover, you don’t require a giant pencil to fix it once it breaks, unlike the functional Nintendo controller coffee table that we featured last year on Homecrux.

Weighing 30 pounds and measuring 3.1-feet long x 1.8-feet wide x 1.1-feet tall, the eye-catching table is certainly going to impress your guests and remind them how they used to listen to music back in 80’s or 90’s. The cassette tape coffee table also features a hidden stow-away area that is placed behind the fake exposed tape area on the front of the table.

In this hidden storage area, you can keep your magazines or other knick-knacks away from the sight. Furthermore, four cup holders are present on the top of the table so that you can place your drinks neatly without any spillage. It is a must have piece of furniture for any music enthusiast from the past eras, reviving their love for vintage music.

Buy: $620

Cassette Tape Coffee Table

Tabletop is designed to look like a cassette tape

Cassette Tape Coffee Table

Tabletop is made out of pinewood and rests on four hair pin-shaped metal legs

Cassette Tape Coffee Table

These is a hidden storage at front section of the table

Cassette Tape Coffee Table

Sadly, the cassette-shaped coffee table cannot play music

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