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ALBA’s Aesthetically Pleasing Cast Iron Fireplaces by are Worth Every Interior

The entire northern hemisphere is experiencing a severe cold wave with temperatures plunging below the freezing level at some places. Some of the areas have been blanketed by a thick layer of snow while others are engulfed in a severe cold wave. In such a scenario, it is important to keep ourselves warm and cozy. ALBA, an old-school Portuguese manufacturer of cast iron wood stoves offers three traditional yet stylish cast iron fireplaces that would help you sustain the cold winters.

Designed to keep you warm throughout the winter, ALBA introduced three stoves made by designer Francisco Providencia. These comprise Salamandra Metafire stove, R2D2 Stove, and Remade Stove. All the stoves look top-notch in aesthetics and would add a degree of essence to your home décor.

Made entirely from cast iron, ensuring excellent performance for years, the Metafire Stove is finished in anthracite gray. It features a ceramic glass opening resistant to temperatures higher than 750ºC.

Reddish in color, and produced in cast iron with steel accessories, the R2D2 Stove includes a smoke deflector in steel. It looks like a post box to me, but I can assure you the piece would be resistant to high temperatures. There is a small drawer beneath the mouth of the wood iron cast stove, which we presume would be used to keep tongs and other accessories.

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The third and final piece in the ALBA collection is the Remade Stove. It is an attractive box with a chimney and a special storage space for wooden logs next to it. For more details about how each stove disperses heat, how these wood burners are priced you can reach out to ALBA through their website.

Alba Fireplace_1

Image: ALBA

Alba Fireplace

Image: ALBA

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  1. Ron Cameron

    February 6, 2022 at 8:37 pm

    very interested in learning more about your stoves. prices, of course, and install instructions like clearances. where are they available


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