CastleHub voice-controls entire home via Microsoft’s Cortana and Kinect

We’ve seen many smart home automation devices that control connected appliances and other devices through voice commands or smartphones. But the latest CastleHUB is the first Windows 10 smart home hub, featuring voice control with Cortana and Kinect.

All thanks to Cortana or Kinect on Windows 10 the users can easily speak to the device to turn on lights, set moods with changing colors of light bulbs, regulate heat and air controlling devices, control entertainment systems, manage smart lock doors, monitor security and even feed your pets when you’re not home.

This smart hub comes with a companion smartphone app, CastleOS that manages all household tasks from any corner of the world, without any need of Cloud services. This means CastleHUB does not rely on the cloud to perform its duties. Due to this latency time is reduced between when command is being issued and when it is executed. Moreover, at single touch on your smartphone’s screen you can monitor different household tasks on-the-go.

It is the ultimate smart home hub that can synchronize with various smart home devices to make your smart home smarter like never before. Besides all the intelligent home management tasks and services, CastleHUB is the only home automation hub that provides built-in support for Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, YouTube and a number of other Windows 8.1 apps.

Furthermore, CastleOS can also build a home automation interface for Xbox One, which means you can voice control your home even while gaming. What else one could ask for in a smart home automation system. May be this is the reason why the clever smart hub has quickly exceeded its $20,000 goal on Kickstarter more than a month to go. But you can still pre-order this cute little home automation device for $429 to be a smarter homeowner, while easily managing all your household tasks like a pro.


CastleHUB is first Windows 10 smart home hub


It comes with a companion smartphone app called CastleOS

Via: PRNewswire

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