Cat tree by Catissa

Cat Tree by Catissa is a geometric treehouse for feline friends

Estonia-based design studio  Catissa often creates wide variety of furniture for cats and small dogs with the aim to provide practical shelters for pets as well as something eye-pleasing for the interior of homeowners. This time the firm has created another attractive cat house for your little feline friends at home.

Dubbed Cat Tree, the geometric-shaped cat house is designed to easily fit into any home decor. The timber-crafted piece of furniture is designed to offer your kitties a place to roam, play, climb and sleep. Thus, provides them complete privacy without any disturbance.

Made from pinewood the cat house is later covered with water based varnish and paint, the complete set contains four modules and a ladder. Furthermore, the cat house can be easily mounted onto any wall in your living space.

Each module fitted with cushion of sheepskin that’s not only comfortable but also acts as a functional piece of art, complementing your contemporary living space.  The shelter is available in four colors i.e., natural, white, black and colorful options. So, you get the freedom to decorate your home according to your taste and preferences.

Winner of Design & Design Award, the cat tower weighs approximately 22 kg and measures 50 x 50 x 120 cm. This means it can be installed onto any area of your house, without any unnecessary clutter. So, Cat Tree by Catissa is surely an uber cool cat house for your feline friends and its price ranges from $379 to $410.

Cat tree by Catissa

Geometric-shaped treehouse for your little munchkins

Cat tree by Catissa

Made from timber, each module is cushioned with sheepskin

Cat tree by Catissa

Made for roaming, playing, climbing and sleeping- it offers private space to cats

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