Cathole Cat Door With Cleaning Brush

Cathole Cat Door With Cleaning Brush

Cathole cat door allows homeowners to put the cat litter box behind the closed door to keep the house looking and smelling fresh all the time. Made from Baltic Birch wood, the Cathole door comes with Do-it-Yourself installation manual, which lets you install it effortlessly in 30 minutes. The cat door features grooming brush to keep the kitty fresh and groomed each time its walks in and out.

If you are tired of seeing the litter box lying in the living room and are concerned about the foul smell it spreads, you must take home the Cathole door. This little arch hides the litter box behind a closed door, away from your children and dogs, yet easily accessible for the kitty. The door can also be painted to match your décor.

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If you want to isolate the messy litter box from guests, other bigger animals or children at home, and also keep the odors away from the living area, Cathole door is just what you want. Take it home, install it in thirty minutes and you’re good to go.

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