Paper Tableware by Cecilia Levy

Cecilia Levy Creates Paper Tableware out of old Spiderman Comics

You might have a collection of elegant tableware to impress your guests, but the creative paper tableware by Swedish artist Cecilia Levy comes with the powers of Spiderman. Well, not literally. But it is made out of paper used from old Spiderman comics. Levy has brilliantly turned simple comics paper into impressive 3D sculptures, whose real-sized versions are found in every household.

After receiving MFA in graphic design and teaching at the College of Arts and Crafts in Gothenburg, Levy took bookbinding classes to know more about her medium. As a result, she has created various tableware designs such as a teacup, saucer, kettle, bowls, and plates; all out of nothing but paper.

Not only Spiderman comics, but other century-old books are also used to form impressive eggshell-thin tableware. These exquisite paper utensils are easy on the environment, as only ordinary paper is used for the creation. Using simple or colored papers, even you can make such paper utensils to decorate kids’ room or playroom with this bizarre yet interesting art.

Who knew a simple paper can be transformed into such an outstanding piece of art? Since 2013 Levy is experimenting with paper art and exhibiting her work in her country as well as abroad. However, we’d prefer to give it a try and create similar art pieces ourselves.

Although you cannot pour tea or coffee into the tender tableware, they are idyllic for use as decor pieces in kids’ room. Instead of purchasing, ask your children to make the same for their room. This way they’ll explore their creativity, whilst crafting delicate display units for their room.

Paper Tableware by Cecilia Levy

Set of cup and saucer

Paper Tableware by Cecilia Levy

Bottom of the paper cup, displaying a red spider

Paper Tableware by Cecilia Levy

Red Plate design

Paper Tableware by Cecilia Levy

Chic kettle made from paper take out of Spiderman comics

Paper Tableware by Cecilia Levy

Cup and saucer made from reclaimed paper

Paper Tableware by Cecilia Levy

Another paper cup and saucer design

Paper Tableware by Cecilia Levy

Elegant paper bowl

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