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Ceilume offers faux metallic ceilings made from 98% plastic scrap

We’ve seen many recycled products, from furniture to accessories, which are made out of complete trash. But there’s one company that’s making home tiles from recycled content. California-based tile manufacturer Ceilume has recently created beautiful faux metallic ceilings that are made from 98-percent plastic scrap.

The company has a 30-year history in manufacturing sustainable tiles in faux tin, copper and bronze finishes, making them suitable for any contemporary living space. The plastic material is carefully handled and fed into specialized granulators to form confetti-like bits of plastic. This process is known to produce zero waste. The granulated material is further melted and rolled into sheets for making tiles. Once the tiles are made, an ultrathin decorative laminate is applied over these tiles for aesthetic appeal.

Ceilume tiles are lightweight, acoustical designed to fit into any architectural space – as thermoformed ceiling tiles are easy to install compared to tin tiles. The best thing about thermoformed panels is that these are not affected by water, hence can withstand humidity with ease. Moreover, these panels can be washed when dirty, instead of replacement.

Find out more about these recycled ceilings on the company’s website.

Via: RecyclingToday

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