Ceramic Reversed Vase grows plants both vertically and horizontally

Reversed Vase by Paul Menand

French designer Paul Menand has created an unusual brick-shaped Reversed Vase made from ceramic. The best thing about this unique vase is that it can hold any sized plants in both vertical and horizontal directions. The vase has two small openings- one in the elongated side and another one is on its shorter side. Its 90 degree rotatable nature makes it efficient to hold variety of flowers with short or long stems.

Reversed Vase by Paul Menand

The vase is exactly brick sized, and comes with two wooden cork stoppers for each opening. These cork stoppers are topped with a rubber seal to close the unused opening and to prevent water leakage. Besides water leakage prevention, the wooden cork also adds a decorative detail to the vase.

Reversed Vase by Paul Menand

The ceramic Reversed Vase is designed in two different colors i.e. black and white, from which you can choose your preferred one. Each vase has unique charm of its own in a simple yet elegant design, which can be placed in a living room, bedroom, study room or any other area of your house. The Reversed Vase will definitely be a contemporary décor item for your home with a bunch of delicate flowers.

Via: Dezeen

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