CES 2014: LG showcases its 55-inch mirror display concept

There are many smart and hi-tech displays being showcasing at the ongoing CES 2014 but, I guess none of them comes close to match the LG’s 55-inch mirrored display which certainly looks into the future. The LG’s transparent display is a very innovative and cool concept which will feed you with information such as weather updates, your schedule and emails and will function as a normal mirror too just like one in your bathroom. As you steps in front of the mirror, it reflects a 360-degree shot of you. If you like, you can capture a picture or make videos too.

The futuristic mirror by LG comes with a 55-inch Full HD display and includes features such as multi-touch and minimal bezel. The mirror display comes with a host of menus pop up which provides you with information just like your smartphone. It will display information such as calendar and will notify you about your appointments. LG believes that this technology can have future of in medical consultation and commercial market businesses. However, the LG 55-inch mirror display is a concept for now and it could take years for it to become a reality.

Via: Technobuffalo/Slashgear

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