CES 2014: Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop is the future in kitchen appliances

Lots of leading home appliance companies are showcasing their futuristic kitchen ideas at the progressing CES 2014 event in Las Vegas. Whirlpool Corporation, American manufacturer of home appliances have showcased an innovative concept of a futuristic interactive touchscreen cooktop which will serve as a multi-purpose digital cooking surface for our kitchens. This smart cooktop will display information about delicious recipes, news, weather, Facebook and Twitter updates. It will search ingredients for a special meal and can manage your social calendar as well. A single touch of your finger will activate the surface and you can also control it by your voice.

Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop will display all the information about the recipes and ingredients from your smartphone or tablet. It will also be capable of streaming music from your audio system. You will not have to worry about touching the cooktop as the cooking surface would be using induction to heat the metal pots. Sadly, the Interactive Cooktop by Whirlpool is just a concept for now which is at least 5 years far from reality. However, the mockup demonstration at the Consumers Electronics Show have given us hope for a smart kitchen in the future.

Via: TheVerge/ PR

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