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CES 2015: Haier ‘no-compressor wine cabinets’ are simply perfect for red wine

For red wine enthusiasts, who often complaint about their noisy and vibrating wine cabinets, Haier has introduced the world’s No-compressor Wine Cabinets, offering perfect storage conditions. The firm has displayed three types of wine cabinets: Solid-state Refrigerating wine cabinet, Magnetic Refrigerating wine cabinet and Smart Wine-Cool at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015.

The magnetic-refrigerating wine cabinet and solid-state refrigerating wine cabinet are energy-efficient, eco-friendly as well as quiet storage devices. These cooling cabinets drop the temperature by as much as 50-degrees Celsius for providing appropriate cooling conditions. The third smart Wine-Cool cabinet is the smallest yet innovative quiet refrigerating method, which is gaining attention of visitors at the mega event.

Unlike traditional compressors, the latest wine cabinets come with interactive platform that uses CO2 and H2O as a refrigerant. These three wine cabinets have completely changed the traditional concept of electrical refrigerating appliances. The latest no-compressor technology is all set to take on traditional wine storage methods and soon the days of complicated noisy wine storage will be gone forever.


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