Android-powered JmGO View projector

CES 2016: Android-powered JmGO View projector works on its own

No matter how advanced projector you take, it surely needs an external device like USD drive, smartphone or portable hard drive to work. But Chinese manufacturer JmGO wants to change that for once and for all with its latest View projector that has built-in storage capacity. So, no need to connect other devices to display images or video on a flat white screen.

JmGO View projector comes in circular aluminum alloy casing, and somewhat resembles Roomba 880 vacuum cleaner. But it’s a high-end projector that can display images as large as 180-inches with 1,000:1 contrast and brightness of 250 lumens. It is integrated with Android 4.4, which allows it to work completely on its own, without depending on any external device.

Inside the device is embedded with TI DLP 0.3 WVGA chipset, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. It also comes with a remote-control for monitoring it from a certain distance. Moreover, a companion mobile app allows the projector to sync with your smartphone over Wi-Fi. This means you get wireless connectivity from any corner of your home or office, provided you’re within Wi-Fi range.

Additional features include 1280 x 720p resolution power, 3D support system and integrated speakers on all sides to provide better sound quality. With this latest projector, JmGO is planning to debut in the western market. You can witness the device soon at upcoming CES 2016 in Las Vegas. However, there’s no word on its pricing and availability yet, but all the information and details will be revealed at the International Electronics Show, next month.

Android-powered JmGO View projector

The all-new projector comes in circular aluminum alloy casing

Android-powered JmGO View projector

It is powered by android and also has built-in storage capacity

Via: TheVeox

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