CES 2016 Doorbird smart doorbell adds facial recognition feature

CES 2016: Doorbird smart doorbell adds facial recognition feature

Just like all other electronic companies, Bird Home Automation’s Doorbird smart doorbell is all set for CES 2016 with a new update. The smart doorbell solution has now upgraded its device with facial recognition feature. So, as soon as someone rings your Doorbird smart doorbell its built-in sensors will activate the camera and advanced video analytics to send immediate alert on your smartphone or tablet.

Although the facial recognition feature is not new to the world, but it’s surely the brand new update for the Doorbird smart doorbell. Due to this advanced feature, the system will be able to keep an eye out for visitors, without manually opening the door. The smart device also provides you the option to see the visitor live in HD and even talk to them via a built-in speaker and microphone on the unit.

Doorbell system look out for name of the visitor you’ve already stored in your push-notification and open up the door only if the system recognizes that specific person. Plus, its Doorbird door and window sensor will alert you to unexpected activities, so you can take appropriate actions. According to Bird Home Automation, the new feature called Doorbell Connect is also added in compliance with the strictest data regulations. This helps in cloud recording to store recorded videos up to seven days.

The company will be announcing this new feature for its doorbells at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Moreover, the firm is hoping that the latest feature will possibly link them with third-party devices as well. This smart doorbell is definitely going to be one of the brilliant security tools for your smart home this year.

Via: Cnet

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