CES 2016 First Alert showcases its smart HomeKit-compatible safe

CES 2016: First Alert showcases its smart HomeKit-compatible safe

All geared up for CES 2016, First Alert has unveiled its smart futuristic HomeKit-compatible safe. Well, it is a smart safe to keep your valuables and most expensive possessions protected from thieves. What’s best about this device is that it can wirelessly be connected to your HomeKit to offer automation facilities. So, it can help you with controlling smart lights, thermostats or connected plugs.

It serves as a safe sitting untouched and doing nothing until you absolutely need it to double up as smart HomeKit and home automation device. the smart safe is integrated with ‘Onelink Wi-Fi Safe’ feature that can be connected to your Android or iOS devices via mobile app. With the companion app, you can easily monitor setting of the safe as well as your home from any corner of the world. It is designed to constantly keep track of its door and sends you an immediate alert if someone tries to open it or when the safe is moved in your absence.

Meanwhile, the safe, when connected to home automation device, can also tell your lights to set a movie scene and your thermostat to learning your habits. Plus, you can even use it to monitor your smartlock every time you leave or arrive at home. It is the smartest safe we’ve ever seen to serve its function and even do cool automation tasks when required.

Apart from this automation-cum-safe, you can also see First Alert’s other electronics at Consumer Electronics Show. However, most of the devices are usual combination smoke/carbon monoxide detector, dedicated CO sensor, and a thermostat. But the Onelink Wi-Fi Safe has really got our attention.

Via: Cultofmac

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