CES 2016 Innovation Awards honors DietSensor in mobile apps category

For those who have been struggling to lose weight, the all-new DietSensor app is certainly going to make a huge difference in controlling their diet. This high-tech app is designed to inform people about ingredients and calories present in the food they’re going to consume. This way the users will be able to monitor their food nutrients and take appropriate steps to maintain ideal weight.

What makes the app stand out from other diet monitoring apps is its actual sensor, SCiO. It is a handheld sensor that uses spectrometry for chemical analysis of the food molecules. To use the sensor, hold it about half an inch from food. It will further compare the near-infrared signature with patterns stored in the cloud, containing more than 600,000 different food recipes from all over the world.

The sensor will send all the gathered information your smartphone via BLE (Bluetooth low energy) and create a food log in the DietSensor app. Just take a snapshot of the data containing details about calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat and alcohol levels in the food. Based on the snap you can refer with your dietician what nutrients are essential for you and what to avoid.

Due to the ease of handing the app and the way it simply projects the data to your phone, the DietSensor app was chosen as CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Software and Mobile Apps category. Sadly, the app is not exactly meant for people with allergies and may miss traces of materials that might be harmful to certain people. However, DietSensor with SCiO will set you back at $250 for early bird pre-orders. The smartphone DietSensor app is free to download and will launch next year.


The app sends all collected data to your smartphone

Via: Techx

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