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CES 2016 Netatmo Presence security camera

CES 2016: Netatmo Presence security camera keeps an eye out at front door

At CES 2016, Netatmo has made its ‘Presence’ known in form of a new smart outdoor security camera. This new security camera comes packed with variety of useful features. In particular, this camera is designed to very well know the difference between people, cars and pets. It can connect to your Wi-Fi network in order to send you push notifications on your phone. So, you can see a video stream of what’s happening in front of your house.

Your notification screen will pop messages saying- there’s a person waiting at your doorstep, a car on your driveway or an animal in your front yard. The high-tech camera also features a bright light atop, which doubles as a flood light. Moreover, the smart camera can also shoot infra-red videos, even if the light is turned off.

It is able to record nearly 1080p videos and store them on an internal micro SD card. This means you can easily watch the videos whenever you want, without relying on the company’s server. Presence camera surely offers a great solution to attend people like delivery boy or any other guests even when you’re not at home.

Although there are certain clarity issues with the camera, but you surely don’t have waste money month to month on this security system. Another question that arises is that whether its ability to detect cars and animals outside your home is enough to push it into broad category of high-end security cameras?

Netatmo Presence will be available in third quarter of 2016 for an undisclosed price. The company is slowly creating its complete lineup of connected devices for smart home, from thermostats to security cameras. We are looking forward to see how the company will manage sync all these gadgets for an intelligent futuristic home. For now, you can catch up more details about the device at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Via: TheVerge

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